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About us

Miss Legal was founded in January 2013 by Karina Holwerda, after her own search for the right lawyer had failed. Her conclusion was that traditional legal services are not accessible, transparent or innovative and that they are very expensive. Women in particular have trouble accessing legal assistance and in standing up for themselves and their rights. Karina's goal is to change that.

We help

  1. Entrepreneurs who have legal questions about starting and growing a business in one of the represented countries;
  2. Individuals who are about to get married or divorced (in both cases there are legal consequences);
  3. Employers and employees with questions relating to Employment Law;
  4. Tenants and Landlords with housing-related questions;
  5. Consumers who have been treated improperly by a business and who are seeking consumer protection;
  6. Expats who are in need of a legal assistance;
  7. Investors who need legal help with their decisions relating to Real Estate & Transactions;

We give you

  1. Information, tools and free advice about what you can do yourself to solve your problem;
  2. Easy access to our professionals by mobile phone, sms, whatsapp, social media and website chat;
  3. Preventive solutions to avoid legal court battles, although we can assist with those as well;
  4. Answers to your questions within 24 hours;

We believe in

  1. Fixed fees, so we all have clear expectations;
  2. Providing advice in easy to understand language, no legal jargon or terminology;
  3. Long term partnerships to ensure the best service and legal protection at an international level;

Within two years, Miss Legal has grown into an international organization. There are now 18 professionals in four different countries who have joined Miss Legal as licensees. In addition to legal experts Miss Legal offers - as well as lawyers with varying specializations, as you would expect from any good law firm - tax consultants, business coaches and psychologists in order to offer a total solution for any problem. Problems are not always just 'law-related'; often there will be more to it. With understandable, transparent and affordable help, Miss Legal helps her customers to become more confident, independent and self-reliant.


The Netherlands

Karina Holwerda

Karina wants to give every woman the right tools to become stronger and more confident. She believes that this has a positive impact on the economic autonomy and independence of every woman. She also assists entrepreneurs in starting up their own businesses and building and protecting their brand. Karina studied Law and Marketing at Leiden University and Law, Leadership and Management at the private University "Nyenrode". She is also a guest lecturer and business coach at The Hague University for entrepreneurial students studying the minor "Entrepreneurship & Innovation". Karina is currently focusing her energies on the international expansion of Miss Legal. Her team in the Netherlands consists of 15 professionals, all with a different area of expertise. They are lawyers, tax consultants, legal counsels and psychologists. Karina speaks Dutch, English and Russian. If you have any legal questions about Dutch Law, please contact her directly so she and her team can help you as soon as possible.


Sarah Geebelen

Sarah studied law at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, after which she immediately started working as a lawyer. She specializes in civil law, with a specific interest in contract law and family law (divorces). Sarah particularly enjoys helping women who are having legal problems. "Women simply prefer being helped by other women, especially when it concerns their private life." She is a professional who looks beyond the purely legal situation, however tough that is, and also helps her clients with non-legal questions, like, how to tell the school about the divorce situation. Miss Sarah already has nine years’ work experience and enjoys her work passionately - every day brings a new challenge. She believes in transparent and 'to the point' consultations so her clients are always informed correctly and clearly. Where possible, taking all the circumstances into account, Sarah tries to pursue a settlement with the counterparty, saving both parties time, energy and costs. As a lawyer, Sarah can provide you with answers to all your legal questions about Belgian legislation. Sarah speaks Dutch, Flemish, English and French.


Mercedes Salvador Garcia

Mercedes comes from Barcelona, she graduated with honours from the prestigious University of San Lorenzo del Escorial in Madrid and has over 15 years’ experience as a lawyer in the field of civil law. Her clients include not only individuals but also international businesses (and start-ups) as well as public organizations. Mercedes also helps foreign companies wanting to introduce their products or services to the Spanish market. She is also regularly found in court defending her clients or negotiating the best deal in a contract or assisting a rental business. So, if you, as a student, entrepreneur, expat, investor or tourist have any housing-related questions, employment - family - real estate - or criminal law in Spain or Ibiza, you can contact Mercedes directly. Mercedes speaks Spanish in addition to English and Catalan.

United Kingdom

Marieke Eskens

After finishing her first-year at the Arts Academy and subsequently her bachelor in Dutch Law at the University of Leiden, Miss Marieke graduated in July 2015 in Intellectual Property and Privacy Law at the University of Amsterdam's Institute for Information Law. She has always worked beside her studies, now resulting in more than six years working experience at different law firms as Allen & Overy but also at American Express covering various jurisdictions as a paralegal, secretary and PA. After graduating Marieke moved to London to start working as a paralegal while starting with the LPC to become a solicitor.

Her creativity and broad interests pushes her to be inventive and to start new challenges. It is her passion to empower other creatives to follow their dreams and assist wherever she can. Marieke's ultimate goal is to set up Miss Legal UK in 2016 together with a team of legal professionals.

Gran Canaria

Angelique De Koning

Miss Angelique, partly based in Gran Canaria, partly in The Netherlands, graduated in Law and Criminology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) and speaks fluently Dutch, English and Spanish. The last years she has specialised in cases of consumers disadvantaged by commercial institutes. Angelique proceeds in name and on behalf of her clients at the Dutch Adjudication committee (Geschillencommissie) and the Dutch Subdistrict Court (Kantonrechter). She also advises in cases on damage compensation for damage caused outside someone's own fault. In this regard Angelique advised travel agencies as well as relatives of victims of plane and bus accidents, and she even organised obits. After her move to one of the Canary Islands, home to more than 4000 Dutch, Angelique has been bothered by Dutch organisations with (bureaucratic) problems. Have you experienced the same? Please contact Angelique, she will advise you on these matters as well.


Marisa Fernandes

Miss Marisa is born in Tavira, Portugal and apart from the Portuguese language she speaks English, French and Spanish. She graduated in her home country at the highly regarded University of Coimbra and has over six years experience as a solicitor in civil and criminal law. Marisa mainly advises clients on moving to Portugal, or assists them by buying their (second) house in the Algarve. She represents Miss Legal in Portugal and travels monthly from Tavira to Lisbon, and from Lisbon to Porto, to represent her clients in civil procedures. Are you planning to move to or to buy real-estate in Portugal? Marisa is the one for you in assisting you through the process and paperworks in Portugal.

For Lawyers

Miss Legal is an innovative, accessible, online legal platform working with 18 professionals in four different countries. In the space of just two years, Miss Legal has become a phenomenon in the Dutch legal world. Customers and other professionals already know where to find us. That's why we launched Miss Legal in Belgium and Spain in the summer of 2015 and Miss Legal Portugal in October of 2015. Miss Legal is always looking for new professionals to help her target market in other countries as well.

To expand our team, Miss Legal is looking for independent, female legal professionals (freelancers/ or entrepreneurs with own legal firm) who specialize in civil and / or family law and who are able to help and empower our clients by giving accessible legal advice and information in clear, easy to understand language.

We will provide our professionals with:

  1. Online workspace and the possibility to work from wherever;
  2. The right branding of the rapidly growing brand;
  3. Marketing tools;
  4. Startup coaching;
  5. And sales assistance;

Are you our new Miss Legal? The new Miss Legal is a professional with a minimum five years’ experience in her field. Miss Legal is a true example to her clients and knows how to help, empower and motivate them to stand up for their rights. Miss Legal can translate legal information into clear language and make it understandable to every one. Miss Legal does not have a 9 to 5 mentality; she is flexible, accessible by mobile and independent. Miss Legal is "the best friend available when you need her" to all her clients. We expect you to have the right knowledge, be loyal and demonstrate true professionalism.

So, are you a self-employed professional and do you want to be part of our internationally developing Miss Legal team and become a licensee of the Miss Legal brand in your country? Email your CV and cover letter to Karina Holwerda karina@miss-legal.nl.

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